Andrea Bocelli tells Utah crowd, 'I will never forget your affection.' Mr. Bocelli, the feeling's mutual

Dec 02, 2018 1157

BY: Lottie Peterson Johnson

It was his first public performance in Salt Lake City, and Andrea Bocelli held nothing back. Donning a suit topped with a bright blue jacket and black bow tie, the 60-year-old Italian tenor took the stage and immediately illustrated one thing to his Utah fans: While his hair may be a dignified silver, the vocal prowess that popularized him more than 20 years ago is as strong as ever.

Although backed by a full orchestra and choir, Bocelli sang the first few notes of his performance without accompaniment. He stood still as a statue, poised with his arms at his side. With his eyes shut tight, the expression was in his eyebrows — little crescendos and decrescendos that raised as he held onto a note and lowered as he completed a phrase. 

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