Fest Hypes Italian Film and Culture

Feb 07, 2014 1180

Discussions about Italian film by Americans usually go something like this: First someone says the name "Antonioni." Rarely another throws in the magical moniker "Fellini." Next one or more conversant members of this hypothetical red-white-and-blue discourse gravely intones Blow-Up or La Dolce Vita. That's easy enough to do, as the first film is in English, and the second used the appeal of celebrity culture to attract American audiences, after all.

Before you can blink, folks in this circle will be going on about Argento. Then comes the final digression when someone in the corner gets all retro and invokes Le fatiche di Ercole, or Hercules, while the dude standing next to them does a Bill Murray imitation. Rough vocal approximations of Brando's cotton-mouthed Don Corleone sometimes round things out in such conversations.

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