2013 Film Series, La Musica dentro l’Immagine

Feb 03, 2013 2131

The Music into the Image
Imagine that you were sitting in a big dark room, watching a silent film, and the only background sound to be heard is the sound of the projector. You'll soon feel uncomfortable. From the very beginning, music was recognized as essential, and from that moment on, cinema would never remain "silent", if only to free the spectator from the oppression of silence. The emergence of the "talkies" coincided with the systematic use of recorded music.

It was early perceived that music could redound a great deal into delivering various messages: increasing or anticipating an emotion, emphasizing the action, linking one given space-time to another, or simply pulling the audience from one diegesis reality to lead into a different extra-diegesis world, be it a dream world, a psychological world, or else.

The "music into the image" is the result of the desire to restore in the conscience, by the means of the analysis of music and its relationship to the images, the process allowing the audience in the theater to escape reality and enhancing their ventures into another world where they can dream, cry, be surprised.... Simply moving them emotionally.
Tiziana De Carolis

The Italian Cultural and Community Center

Houston, Texas

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