Tommy DeVito Wins the "Bud Light Celebration of the Year" Award at NFL Honors

Feb 09, 2024 857

BY: Patricia Traina

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito captured the hearts of the NFL with his story that included his living at home with his parents, his enjoyment of his mother's chicken cutlets, and, of course, his Cinderella-like rise to fame in the NFL as the Giants' third-string quarterback who led the team to three straight wins mid-year that resulted in two Rookie of the Week honors.

On Thursday night at the NFL Honors award show, DeVito got to add another award to his mantle. DeVito, who made the Italian pinch his signature celebration after every team touchdown scored, won the Bud Light "Celebration of the Year" award at the annual NFL Honors show in Las Vegas. "I kind of thought it was just the old Italians," DeVito told reporters after debuting the gesture in a game. "It’s just a little credit to them."

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