Tarantata - South Italian Gypsy Music and Trance Rhythms

Sep 17, 2016 785

September 29 (Thursday) 8:00 pm. Tarantata - South Italian Gypsy Music and Trance Rhythms. This fiery "percussive journey" through the South of Italy and crossing over to Brazil will explore through songs, dance and rhythm the magic rituals and tarantellas used as music therapy to cure the mythical bite of the tarantula, healing chants and ritual drumming in honor of the Black Madonna, and the trance dance known as "Pizzica Tarantata" or the "Spider Dance." Also featuring Alessandra Belloni's original compositions.

Sponsored by Mehanata World Music Festival. Carnegie Hall - 881 7th Avenue, Manhattan - Admission: free; open to the public. Contact: Ellina Graypel. ellinagraypel@gmail.com

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