NICE Film Festival - 33rd Edition NYC and Philadelphia

Nov 15, 2023 1199

BY: Mila Tenaglia

New Italian Cinema Events - is a cultural organization founded by Viviana Del Bianco in Florence. Its primary goal is to promote contemporary independent Italian cinema worldwide through film screenings and cultural events in Europe, the United States, and Asia. This Fall, N.I.C.E. returns to the United States, celebrating its 33rd edition dedicated to Italian cinema and engaging with directors and critics.

"Always keeping its mission in mind, N.I.C.E. has, in fact, succeeded in creating a circuit of events around the world capable of introducing new Italian auteur cinema. The great sensitivity and openness to all that is new in the visual culture of the public that we have encountered in our travels drive us forward year after year, enabling us to take full advantage of various opportunities, such as streaming platforms," said Viviana Del Bianco, artistic director of N.I.C.E.

During these years of N.I.C.E.'s activities, the Italian Cultural Institutes and Embassies have encouraged us to expand our festival to new locations, including Dublin, Riga, Dubai, and Baku. N.I.C.E. is continually seeking new solutions and is open to promotional initiatives.

The films selected for 2023, all premiering in the United States, include valuable works by emerging directors spanning from comedy to drama, from the on-the-road film that unfolds along the rural roads of Emilia like Acqua e Anice, to co-productions between Italy and Ukraine, such as La lunga Corsa, and Santa Lucia, a poetic film entirely shot in Naples. The screenings will be hosted by long-time supporters of the Festival, such as Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò and the Italian Cultural Institute of New York, with the support of the Consulate General of Italy.

NICE will open with Acqua e Anice by Corrado Ceron. An elderly pop singer suffering from dementia embarks on a journey to reconnect with the people who loved her and the places that made her a star. Following that is La lunga corsa by Andrea Magnani. For young Giacinto, prison is like home. It would indeed be more correct to say that prison is his only home, as the little boy was born in prison and has spent his entire life there with his mother. NICE will close on November 30th with Santa Lucia by Marco Chiappetta. After living in Argentina for 40 years, Roberto, a blind author, returns to Naples upon his mother's passing.

The festival will continue in Philadelphia at the Penn Cinema and Media Study with a selection of 9 films, with the support of the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia.

Guests in NYC will include Director Corrado Ceron, Producer and film critic Chiara Barbo, Director Marco Chiappetta, and producer Angelo Cursi.


N.I.C.E. NEW YORK November 28-29-30


FILM SCREENING AND USA PREMIERE: Acqua e Anice by Corrado Ceron
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò - 6:30pm - 24 W 12th Street, New York, NY
Screening to be followed by a Q&A Corrado Ceron
Actress Stefania Sandrelli will appear via video at the screening (previously recorded)


FILM SCREENING AND USA PREMIERE: La Lunga Corsa by Andrea Magnani
Italian Cultural Institute - 6:30pm - 686 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021
Screening to be followed by a Q&A with: Producer and film critic Chiara Barbo, director Andrea
Magnani will join remotely.


FILM SCREENING AND USA PREMIERE: Santa Lucia by Marco Chiappetta
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò - 6:30pm - 24 W 12th Street, New York, NY
Screening to be followed by a Q&A with Director Marco Chiappetta and Producer Angelo


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