Italians Running the NYC Marathon Get a Boost in the Home Stretch

Nov 06, 2023 1238

BY: Giacomo Ferragamo

In American pop culture, one of the more popular memes regarding Italians is that we’re boisterous or inappropriately loud; it brings to mind the iconic punchline in Family Guy, when discussing a phrase no one would ever think to utter, “Gosh that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.” While cultural stereotypes often have harmful effects, the notion that Italians are unnecessarily loud holds some truth.

An Italian, however, would likely argue –vociferously and emotively– that the more accurate term is impassioned. There is no better word to describe the small group of Italians standing underneath the 24.8 mile marker at the New York Marathon on Sunday; they were passionate (and yes perhaps a bit loud). As runners streamed by, they kept a keen eye out for the distinctive blue jerseys and the occasional green, white and red flags.

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