IAP 202: La Sceneggiata: Neapolitan Musical Drama From Napoli to New York City

Sep 22, 2021 321

BY: Stephanie Longo

This week’s episode of The Italian American Podcast takes listeners on a journey through the Neapolitan Sceneggiata with special guest Dr. Reba Wissner, who is assistant professor of the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia.

Dr. Wissner’s specialty is the Neapolitan Sceneggiata, which is a form of musical drama typical of Naples. Beginning as a form of musical theater after World War I, it was also adapted for cinema; sceneggiata films became especially popular in the 1970s and contributed to the genre becoming more widely known outside Naples.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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