Comedia Perrotta brings “his Abruzzo” to New York

Oct 24, 2015 563

The comedy branded by Federico Perrotta will be among the excellences from Abruzzo that will conquer New York City during the "Abruzzo & Molise, Yesterday and Today 2015".

The eclectic actor, born and raised in Chieti, is a well-known personality for his gags at the Bagaglino by Pier Francesco Pingitore, and for being one of the main characters in Operazione Quercia and in the new show Scacco al Duce. Lately he has been invited to represent one of the many features of our region at the festival held at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center (Wiccny) until November 20th.

To the Stars-and-Stripes audience, Perrotta will offer the show Io Sono Abruzzo (I am Abruzzo): the hilarious play, produced by the Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo (Tsa), will be on stage November 13th and it will travel through the art that has permeated Abruzzo and that has instilled the most famous and appreciated artists in the world. The actor is convinced that all beauties and the typical arts from Abruzzo dwell inside him: from Dean Martin he took the voice, from Frank Sinatra the rhythm, from Ennio Flaiano the irony, from Bruno Vespa the "beauty" marks and from Rocco Siffredi... well... probably the love for the cinema.
"This show – Perrotta explains – was born from the love I harbor for Abruzzo and it is the reason why I am so proud of bringing it to NYC in representation of the people from my region, which showed me their love and warmth for the pièce held in Campo Imperatore. I am so proud to be an ambassador for this global special event: showing to such a unique crowd which are the treasures and the potentialities of our territory is a chance that all people from Abruzzo should consider highly important".

From this perspective an initiative to exhibit the local excellences was born: "adopt a furrow of saffron from Navelli" and Perrotta will be promoting it at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center. An auction will be held to propose the symbolic adoption of an earth row where the bulbs of this precious aromatic are planted; the quality of the saffron from the area of Navelli (L'Aquila) is one of the best in the world. "I am glad I can be a supporter for this project; – Perrotta adds – it is about an interesting opportunity, especially for the sixth or seventh generation families with origins from Abruzzo, to feel the bond with their land. Keeping alive a furrow of saffron means being active inside the social fabric of these areas, so precious for our economy and our tradition".

The Perrotta's participation to the exhibition in New York City is supported by the Agenzia di Sviluppo della Camera di Commercio of Chieti by the association "Le vie dello zafferano" from San Pio delle Camere.

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