Visioni Pasoliniane: fuochi segreti. A Contemporary Dance Performance by Compagnia Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei

Oct 13, 2022 335

The ICC is proud to present VISIONI PASOLINIANE: FUOCHI SEGRETI. A Contemporary Dance Performance by Compagnia Artemis Danza/Monica Casadei. For the fist time in Minneapolis. October 22, 2022. Reserve your spot here. FREE or with suggested donation. The performance is a tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), one of the greatest artists and intellectuals of the twentieth century.

"A fresco of humanity and its paradoxes" Monica Casadei, Artemis Danza. Pasolini’s research would begin from the body: his own, lean and athletic, and from his hunger for bodies, which emerges from all of his work in its lights and shadows. Through the characters, words and images that populate his oeuvre, the Emilian author manifested his thought and made it into a work of art open to different interpretations.

The language of dance, merging body and soul, becomes a powerful tool to revive the complexity of his thought: there is the woman-mother - pillar of his poetic and cinematographic production - there is the notion of freedom, there is poetry, there is Bach's music - with whom he sought to establish an artistic partnership - and there is the sacredness of the gesture. All these ingredients populate texts and visions that give life to an homage made of tension and redemption, dreams and utopias.

In Monica Casadei's choreography there is the sun of Roma’s “borgate” (the hamlets of Rome), where life pulsates, children play and the young, dressed in colorful clothes, dream and fight for their rights. In “Pasolini-Fuochi segreti” there is the warmth of that sun, the blue of the sky and the warm air of spring. 

Presented in partnership and with the support of IIC Chicago.

The Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis / St. Paul is a self-funded non-profit organization.

Our members as well as the support we receive from the community make it all happen!

Your donation makes it possible for us to continue our mission to promote Italian language and culture in Minnesota. Grazie!

SOURCE: Italian Cultural Center in Minneapolis

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