Visit St. Peter's without leaving the Chicago area!

Mar 02, 2022 276

St. Peter’s, the architectural wonder that dominates the skyline of Rome, is more accessible than you think. The Italian Cultural Center at Casa Italia houses its own capolavoro of the iconic basilica and its adjacent piazza. Just take a short car ride to west suburban Stone Park and an invigorating ascent to the third floor, and there it is in all its glory.

The magnificent 1:100 scale replica was conjured out of hand-carved soft wood over a five-year period in the 1940s by the father-and-son team of Attilio and Lucio Savoia. It was donated to the cultural center in the 1960s. The exquisite miniature is accurate to the smallest details, including the scores of statues that line the colonnades surrounding the piazza and the many lamps that illuminate the square.

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