Rocky Colavito returns for statue unveiling: ‘I am thankful God chose me to play in Cleveland’

Aug 11, 2021 623

BY: Marc Bona

You cannot mention “Rocky Colavito” without using the word “beloved” in the same sentence. It just isn’t done. Tuesday, when a statue of the – yes, beloved - Indians slugger was unveiled in Tony Brush Park in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood, the respect fans have long held for Colavito rang out. And it was mutual. 

“As I’ve said, and I’ll say it again: Cleveland is my favorite city in the world. And I am absolutely honored and overwhelmed by all of you guys, all of my family, all of friends that are here, that they came. And some of my teammates – Denny McLain, Willie Horton – are here. If that doesn’t show respect, I don’t know what is. And I cherish respect,” Colavito said.

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