Second Annual Bocce Tournament & Festival Deemed a Hit by Organizers

Oct 10, 2018 460


The Peppertown Park Renewal Committee threw the second annual Bocce Tournament & Festival on Saturday. By any measure it was a hit. Committee member Midge Vicendese said the hope was residents would come not just to play Bocce, but to watch it, have something to eat and to enjoy a day in the park with their family, friends and, yes, even dogs. Judging by the number of children who ran around and through the park, played games and, eventually, rounded up the balloons and let some go and popped others, that plan worked. 

There were dog walkers, spectators, people who stopped to see what was going on and, of course, the Bocce players. A record 14 teams entered the tournament -- 28 people -- way more than last year. The tournament started at 11 a.m. and people were still battling it out to see who would win at 2 p.m. Italian music provided some of the soundtrack for the tournament with songs by Ol Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra, on the playlist.

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