Jersey Boys' Dominic Scaglione Jr. on Mastering Frankie Valli's Falsetto & Making Friends on Facebook

Aug 07, 2013 2507

Belleville, New Jersey, native Dominic Scaglione Jr. has played Frankie Valli in the Chicago and Las Vegas companies of Jersey Boys as well as covering the role on Broadway. After four and a half years, he is understandably thrilled to be headlining the Broadway production of the Tony Award-winning musical.

Though he was born more than 40 years after the legendary Four Seasons frontman, Scaglione feels a connection to Valli since both were raised in Essex County in Italian-American families, and both became singers with heart-stopping falsettos. The new Broadway star recently chatted with about the best advice he received from Valli, why social media-savvy fans at the stage door can be initimidating and what else he hopes to tackle on Broadway.

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