From Italy, “VINCERÒ - THE ITALIAN OPERA EXPERIENCE” Comes to Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2022

Aug 23, 2022 535

Harrowgate Park - 3455 Kensington Ave, Philadelphia, PA. Friday September 9, 2022, 3pm; Saturday September 10, 2022, 3pm; Sunday September 11, 2022, 3pm. Running time: 50 minutes. TICKET PRICE: Pay What You Can ($20 suggested). Italy comes to Philly when Vincerò- The Italian Opera Experience takes stage as part of Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Presented in a semistaged concert style, the show features the world’s most beloved and recognizable arias from Italian opera, with a storyline taking place during a fictionalized Masquerade Ball. The show’s international cast stars Mezzo Soprano and Recording Artist Natalja Sticco, Spanish Tenor Germán Gholami Torres-Pardo and Mezzo Soprano Allison Deady from Philadelphia.

Vincerò is “pay what you can” and open to the public at Harrowgate Park September 9, 10 & 11 at 3pm each day. The production aims to make opera more familiar to audiences by eliminating stuffy opera-house stereotypes and return to its origins as community entertainment.

Its director, Gino DiCapra, says, “When opera first appeared in Italy during the 1600’s people from all walks of life gathered as a community to hear beautiful music, thrilling voices. It wasn’t until the 19th century that opera’s reputation as ‘elitist’ was born.” That reputation has endured for two-centuries. DiCapra says Vincerò will touch audiences in unexpected ways because, “at its core, the show honors our shared, cross-culture, human experiences. All of which are interwoven throughout opera, and audiences will feel that.”

Vincerò promises to deliver an experience that both opera-lovers and novices can enjoy, starting with LiveNote, a free web-based app guests can use to access real-time aria translations, cast profiles, fun-facts, and more. The show has been touring the US since its June premier in Hollywood CA, and made additional stops in Minneapolis, Providence, Tampa and Salt Lake City. Additional information and ticket links can be found on their website.

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