Bronx Tale in Jersey. Chazz Palminteri brings a beloved play to the State Theatre

Dec 06, 2013 1069

by Keith Loria

"THE saddest thing in life is wasted talent". This memorable quote from A Bronx Tale is one that the movie and one-man-show's writer and star Chazz Palminteri continues to guide his life by. Over his 25-plus year career in show biz, the Academy Award-nominated actor has delivered standout performances in movies, TV, on Broadway and even as voices in several animated films.

As anyone who has seen the movie knows, A Bronx Tale tells the story of young Calogero (nicknamed "C") growing up in the Bronx with two father figures who vie for his affections. One is his bus driver father Lorenzo, who wants nothing but the best for his son, and that includes a life sheltered as much as possible from the mob-run streets in which he lives. Then there's the mob boss who runs the neighborhood and takes a liking to Calogero and leads him into a life the youngster sees as glamorous, but also wants what's best for him.

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