Bronx Tale actor Chazz Palminteri re-creates his life on stage

Jan 17, 2014 1053

By Kathy Lauer-Williams

Chazz Palminteri was a frustrated aspiring actor in New York in the 1980s — he couldn't seem to catch the eye of casting directors. He too often found himself sweeping the floor of a theater rather than honing his craft on its stage. So in 1988, he started writing "A Bronx Tale," based on his own story of growing up in a rough neighborhood in the fabled New York City borough.

"I was pushed to do it," Palminteri says. "I was desperate and wanted someone to notice me. So I decided if I can't get a part, I would write one myself." It was the right move for the tough-talking actor, who ended up starring in a successful Broadway production and an acclaimed film of "A Bronx Tale." Now he brings the one-man-show that started it all to State Theatre in Easton on Saturday.

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