On the Journey: Nel mezzo del cammin...

May 28, 2014 1127

When: Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Presentation of ON THE JOURNEY... nel mezzo del cammin, a short film by Maria Luisa Forenza. Followed by a roundtable discussion on the figure of Frank V. de Bellis, his Collection at SFSU and the intellectual legacy of the new Italians in the Bay Area.

An Italian woman and an American girl meet by chance at a crossroads in San Francisco. What appears to be an unpleasant encounter turns into a sudden understanding inspired by the Dante's Divine Comedy. On the Journey... nel mezzo del cammin takes inspiration from Frank de Bellis (November 20, 1898 – February 13, 1968), who, having amassed considerable wealth, used his resources to purchase cultural rarities from Italy, including the vast and important musical collection "Music of the Italian Masters" now at SFSU.

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Source: http://www.iicsanfrancisco.esteri.it

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