Lollo and Loren: the Divas who. in Hollywood, redeemed all Italian-Americans

Jan 31, 2023 295

BY: Simone Schiavinato

When I watch them today, my movies seem even better.” This is what Gina Lollobrigida used to say, not with self-complacency but because there is truth in it. Those movies shaped our collective imagination. If we watch them, if we look at those actors, directors, stories, at those incredibly beautiful actresses who made the history of cinema, photography, and glamor, we understand they have a different allure.

They are deep and far away but very contemporary and future-oriented at the same time. We recognize the stardust, that poignant yet charming patina of time, something our modern HD screens cannot pay justice to. In truth, the crystal-clear hyper-realism of today’s images can’t quite reach the same levels of expressivity.

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