Award winning Italian short film about the Holocaust "Child K" screening in Los Angeles for Academy /Oscar qualification

Aug 19, 2015 983

The short film CHILD K, based on a little known page in history which was the first case of Genetic and Ethnic Cleansing in Germany, which lead the horrific stigma of what was to be the Holocaust, has met the preliminary requirement for the 2015 Best Live Action Short Film Oscar selection.

Produced by Colorado Film, and Dinamo Film with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Apulia Film Commission is directed by Roberto De Feo and Vito Palumbo, and is the first short film that will be distributed theatrically in Italy. The 23 minute short is shot in German for accuracy and realism and is subtitled in English. In Los Angeles the short will be screened from August 28th through September 3d at the
Landmark Theaters in West Los Angeles (10850 W. Pico Blvd.).

The short is Based on a true story, where in 1939, a young peasant couple who live in a small house in the country, in the middle of the German hills are trying to conceive a son. The farmer's desire to have a child, a healthy and strong son who works with him in the fields has grown to the point to become an obsession, especially after an event that has deeply affected him: a first pregnancy of Lina's that ended up in tragedy.

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