Your First Trip to Italy: A first Timer's Guide

Sep 27, 2017 610


Many consider Italy the most fascinating country in Europe, and they’re probably right. It never stops charming us with its incredible food, pampering mild climate, diverse landscape, incredible architecture and millenary history. If you have never been, it is absolutely time for your first trip to Italy.  Easier said than done though, right?

As a first timer, you will have many questions. Where to go first? When is the best time to travel? What should my priorities be? And understandably so. Even though it’s a small country, Italy has so much to offer that it can still feel overwhelming. No worries, here is an easy guide for your first trip to Italy. We will walk you through the absolute must-see cities. The Big Three, as we call them: Venice, Florence, and – of course – Rome.

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