The World Championship of Bocce gives Italy three World titles

Oct 18, 2021 373

The World Bocce Championship played in Alassio in Liguria gives Italy three World titles, two of which were won almost simultaneously during the morning of Saturday, October 16, 2021. Valentina Basei - Francesca Carlini and Luigi Grattapaglia - Simone Nari won the world titles in the Men's Pair and in the Women's Pair.

Valentina Basei - Francesca Carlini overcame, at the photofinish (8-7), after an amazing comeback, the Croatian Carrolina Bajrić - Nikol Marelja-Bošnjak; while, Luigi Grattapaglia - Simone Nari beat 6-3 the French Sébastien Belay - Grégory Chirat at the end of a match played almost perfectly. Great was the emotion of the four Italian neo-World Champions, who also won the Prince of Monaco Cup, for the first time assigned also to the female couple winner of the world title.

The third world title arrived in the afternoon of Saturday, October 16 from the Women's Individual: Caterina Venturini scored a valuable tris after the victories in Casablanca (Morocco) in 2016 and in China in 2018. The World Championship held in Liguria closes with three gold, one silver and two bronze medals: six medals that earned the first place in the medal table.

The silver medal was won by the Mixed Pair, composed by Luigi Grattapaglia and Francesca Carlini, defeated in the final 9-7 by the Croatians Ria Vojković - Marin Ćubela. Bronze medals for Serena Traversa in the Progressive Throw and for Serena Traversa with Marika Depetris in the Couples Fast Throw.

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