Wines of Latium: millenary traditions and stories in more than 25000 hectares of vineyards

Aug 28, 2021 192

Today in Lazio there are more than 25000 hectares of vineyards, all with their own history, which have given place to the culture of wine in an important Italian wine scene.  The cultivation of wines in Latium has been known since the time of the Etruscans, who already cultivated indigenous varieties of wine, then with the Roman Empire wine became widespread in Europe.

In history it is said that Emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus commanded his legions to take a vine with them, because when a territory was conquered, they had to plant vines, and so it became the symbol of Rome's power. The territory of Latium is a mixture of sea, plains, hills and extinct volcanoes as we find them near Rome in the area of the Castelli Romani where there are the lakes of CastelgandolfoNemi, and Bracciano.

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