Why you should go to the Italian GP

Apr 29, 2019 832

Grand prix competition visited Monza long before the inception of Formula 1 and the World Championship in 1950, as the major manufacturers of the automotive world did battle around the unique oval and road course venue. Fast forward 70 years and it remains a mesmerising venue, as Formula 1 drivers scream between the trees at the Parco di Monza at speeds of over 200mph. It’s a set-up challenge for teams as they try and run as little downforce as possible without sacrificing performance through the handful of crucial medium- and high-speed sections.

The circuit is one of the fastest in the world and there are typically slipstream battles aplenty, as drivers race side-by-side for much of the lap. When it goes wrong at Monza, it goes really wrong, as witnessed by Marcus Ericsson’s enormous 2018 barrel roll at the first chicane, Mika Hakkinen’s heart-breaking spin into the barriers while leading in 1999, and Vitantonio Liuzzi’s wrecking-ball approach to the 2011 start.

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SOURCE: https://www.motorsport.com/

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