Why the Italian coastal town of Bari should be your next mini-break destination

May 27, 2022 217

BY: Alexandra Riemann

When you think about Italy, you probably think of big-name, heavy hitters such as Rome, Sicily, and Tuscany. Bari, a low-key, coastal town in the south east, is less likely to spring to mind. But despite it being off the beaten track, it is well worth a visit - or maybe exactly because it is.

Bari is the capital of the region of Puglia, which forms the “heel” of Italy’s boot, and will charm you with its turquoise waters. It also conveniently has an airport with budget flights from the UK (it’s three hours from London) and makes for the perfect first stop on a Puglia road trip. If Lecce, a 2 hour drive away, is the South’s Florence, then Bari is its Bologna - a vibrant, historic town, popular with young people.

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SOURCE: https://uk.news.yahoo.com

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