What U.S. Travelers Should Know About Italy's New Airline

Aug 18, 2021 979

BY: Jessica Puckett

On the heels of Americans being cleared to fly into Italy once again , a new Italian airline is set to launch this fall in the European country. The new carrier is currently without an official name but going by the temporary moniker Italia Trasporto Aero (ITA). It's a new iteration of Alitalia, the embattled national flag carrier that has been bankrupt and in government administration since 2017.

Essentially, ITA is raising capital to buy the best assets of Alitalia, like its planes and some of its staff, but the new airline will be fully independent of its bankrupt predecessor. That means ITA won't be held liable for the millions of euros of aid sunk into Alitalia should Italy or the E.U. demand it be paid back. ITA is set to launch on October 15, just one day after Alitalia shutters operations for good. 

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SOURCE: https://www.cntraveler.com

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