What It's Like to Visit FICO Eataly World

Apr 18, 2018 923

FICO Eataly World, the world's largest agri-food park (more on exactly what that is later), finally opened on November 15, 2017. By March 15, 2018, the park reached one million visitors. People have ventured from 30 countries, including more than 16,000 students and almost 100,000 visitors from the food industry. But what are all these people doing on the 10 hectares of land in Bologna, Italy? We speak to Tiziana Primori, CEO of FICO Eataly World, to find out.

"Our mission is to help people understand Italian food," she says. "Italy is rich with flavor, but its flavors are not complicated." FICO Eataly brings together food from Italy's 20 regions in one (gigantic) place. But Eataly is about more than just happily stuffing your face—it's about learning where that food comes from. Visitors can see those animals, fields, gardens and orchards without having to travel across the country. They can observe how it all gets harvested, how it gets prepared and how it gets eaten.


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SOURCE: https://www.tastingtable.com/

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