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Sep 10, 2020 842

BY: Luca Martera

The Italian American Media Crossroads Archive is a unique hub where you can find the most complete video collection of material related to Italy and the United States. 

This database consists of more than 5000 items (including films, videos, books, articles, cartoons, pictures, posters, and so on) that illustrate the past and present of the common history between the two countries. It's not an encyclopedia but a selected collection of funny, controversial, and always interesting stories behind real people that lived, worked and studied in Italy and in the United States, in addition to the most popular characters and significant works of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

This material is now available for educational, criticism, and research purposes to scholars, students, italophiles, no matter where they live.

This entirely digitalized collection is open for research only: it is not for rent nor is it for sale. All material (textual and audiovisual) belongs to its respective owner and is immediately accessible with a minimum two days notice to view.

For more information and requests, please contact the Italian American Media Crossroads Archive.

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SOURCE: https://italian-american-media-crossroads.blogspot.com

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