We are very proud to have brought back the city, Cesena Fc and the fans where they deserve to be

Apr 04, 2024 1140

BY: John Aiello, President Cesena Football Club

When we first came to Cesena, we did not know what to think. We quickly found a beautiful city with warm, friendly people who welcomed our entire family. We joked with our father that the Cesenate are the Neapolitans of the north. Although we were Americans, and new to Italian calcio, we were welcomed without hesitation.

In the first full season, we set out on a journey to bring Cesena Fc back to the level it deserves. It was difficult, and we came very close in the first season. We learned many lessons. So, we made some changes to the management of the club and to the squad. We blended our youth players with some experienced players.

We trusted our people on the ground in Cesena - on and off the pitch. They all are excellent! Mister Toscano conducted the team brilliantly - creating a war machine and a family.

Finally, we are here... our dream is now reality. Tutto vero!!! For us, this was not simply an investment or a project, it was a passion. We come from a family of Italian immigrants. Our parents and grandparents sacrificed to come to the United States to provide an opportunity for their children. We always felt Italian and had a love and affinity for Italy - the language, the culture, the history, the food and of course calcio! We wanted to come back to Italy and give something back to the country that gave us so much.

Decades after our parents and grandparents came to the United States, we have returned and given back something very special. Our objective was to take Cesena FC back to the level it deserves, and we hope that all of the fans and the citizens of Cesena and Romagna celebrate and are proud of their beautiful club. We are so very proud of the Cesena FC - the players, the management team, the employees, the fans, the city … every one of you!

We will never forget the way we have been welcomed by you … never. You all deserve this! God bless Cesena, and thank you for welcoming our family and giving us the opportunity to be the custodians of your beautiful club.

Forza Cesena sempre!

SOURCE: Corriere Romagna

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