Votive aedicules: testimony of great devotion

Nov 11, 2021 185

BY: Monica Auteri

Surely you happened during a walk in your city, to notice the presence of votive newsstands: these are small chapels in which there is a sacred image. Often widespread especially in the South, they represent a great symbol of devotion and faith. But what is their story?

History of votive shrines

The votive aedicules have a very ancient history: they go back in fact to a tradition of the Roman civilization, which provided for the posting of sacred images of the Lares, that is of the minor deities, on the walls of the Insulae and the Domus. The votive aedicule already existed in Greek and later Roman times and with the edict of Theodosius I in 397 after Christ the construction of these symbols of devotion was encouraged, replacing the themes of pagan worship with those of Christians.

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SOURCE: https://italian-traditions.com

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