A virtual journey, a real lesson The Pirelli Foundation makes school

Apr 17, 2020 521

The virtual journey, almost 150 years of history of the Italian industry, advertising, culture and creativity begins on the ground floor.

A painting by Renato Guttuso dated 1958 (the artist accompanied his friend Giovanni Pirelli to Egypt to document the construction of the Aswan dam), the Meo cat and the Zizì monkey (made of rubber) born from the fantasy of Bruno Munari, a young Marilyn photographed on the beach of Tobey Beach who advertises swimwear in Lastex. Objects, prints, an endless archive (3 and a half kilometers) of documents tell of businesses, dreams, sporting challenges (the Beijing-Paris of 1907), ingenuity, work. 

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SOURCE: https://surfacingmagazine.net/

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