Veneto, the handicraft excellence

May 10, 2022 172

Veneto gathers plenty of landscapes and tastes, culture, history, events, activities and handcrafted products. The lagoon, the hills, the Prealps, the Dolomites, the towns and the villages as well as some excellent products are famous all over the world.

The glass from Murano, the laces from Burano, the masks and the gondolas from Venice, the pottery from Bassano del Grappa, the laceworks from Asolo, the goldsmiths from Vicenza, the wood from Belluno, the marble from Valpolicella, the ironworks from Verona and Sottoguda, the woodworking from Cortina up to the weaving and the woodworking from Feltre and the straw working from Marostica. 

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