Valpolicella towards Unesco as a “district” between Verona and the centuries-old technique of drying

Feb 08, 2023 291

Valpolicella is one of the most important and healthy territories of Italian wine. A land of great reds, which unravels around the beauty of Verona and plunges into the valleys that surround it, from which could come, soon, a new Unesco recognition for Italian wine.

Because perhaps, as early as the first half of 2025, under the heading of “Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage”, the centuries-old, original and ritual technique by which its great wines, starting with Amarone and Recioto, are created could be added, thanks to Valpolicella: the drying, the laying aside of the grapes in the arele (racks used for the breeding of silkworms), so-called “fruttai”, well­aired rooms suitable for assuring the perfect conservation of the bunches, which, through natural dehydration, gives the wines the colors, scents and flavors that are their distinctive traits.

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