UNESCO: Como (Handicrafts) and Modena (Media Arts) join the network of Creative Cities

Nov 09, 2021 355

UNESCO has designated 49 new Creative Cities, including Como, in the Crafts and Folk Art sector, and Modena, in the Media Arts sector. The Board of Directors of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO had approved the candidatures of Modena and Como in June.

This year the call for bids foresaw that countries could support only two nominations, in two different creative sectors among those considered by the initiative, launched in 2004 to encourage cooperation among those cities that recognize creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable development at an economic, social, cultural and environmental level.

In Italy there are now 13 creative cities: Modena and Como join Biella, Carrara and Fabriano for craftsmanship, Alba, Bergamo and Parma for gastronomy, Bologna and Pesaro for music, Rome for cinema, Turin for design and Milan for literature.

The Creative Cities Network, whose members are cities recognized for their commitment to placing culture and creativity at the center of their development and for sharing knowledge and best practices, now has 295 members in 90 countries, who want to invest in culture and creativity - craft and folk art, design, cinema, gastronomy, literature, multimedia arts and music - in order to promote sustainable urban development.

The designation of Modena as a creative city for media arts allows our country to be represented in all seven creative sectors of the UNESCO initiative. For Como, the inclusion in the Network is a recognition of the textile sector, especially in the production and processing of silk, strongly rooted in the history and economy of the city. The candidacy dossier also paid great attention to the issues of environmental sustainability, challenged by the phenomenon of "fast fashion", and gender equality, considering the high number of women employed in the sector.

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