U.S. ambassador to Italy, a Leechburg native, helps family find 'roots'

Apr 23, 2015 1180

Many children and grandchildren of immigrants have only dreamed of returning to their ancestral birthplaces. But U.S. Ambassador to Italy and Leechburg High School graduate John Phillips and his brothers were able to pay a visit last fall to the small towns of Frisanco and Poffabro in northeastern Italy, where their grandparents grew up.

The towns are more like hamlets, with a population of about 700. They are so small that one mayor, Sandro Roveto, serves both communities. But the reception the ambassador and his delegation received was anything but small. Roveto greeted the delegation with a welcoming speech with local dignitaries from the towns, located about two hours north of Venice.

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Source: http://triblive.com/

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