Tuscany - Usa Award - 5th of March 2019 Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio

Mar 27, 2019 953

The Tuscan American Association, together with the City of Florence, organized a large institutional event for the attribution of the Tuscany - USA Award, given to two winners, one Tuscan and one American, who made a significant contribution to strengthening friendship ties and relations between Tuscany and the United States.

This year, Dott.ssa Chiara Azzari, Director of the Immunology Department of the Meyer Hospital, was honored both for her work as a doctor and researcher, as well as for her and her team's involvement with the Help the Children project to create a global information network among pediatric hospitals; and the painter and educator Jules Maidoff, founder and President Emeritus of SACI, Studio Arts College International, both as an artist and mentor and for the contribution of SACI in collaboration with various institutions of the local fabric.

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SOURCE: https://taaonlus.org

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