Trentodoc: Italy's Answer To Champagne Could Be Your Next Bubbly Obsession

Apr 19, 2019 236

BY: Elva Ramirez

What's Italian for Champagne? The answer, in part, lies in the Trentino region of Italy, which is in the Italian Alps. Trentodoc, the name for the style of Italian sparkling wine from the Trentino region, is made by metodo classico, which is to say, in the French style of making Champagne (in which bubbles form during a secondary fermentation in the bottle).

For American consumers, there's still a learning curve, as Trento's sparkling wines are not to be confused with Prosecco, but are, in taste, elegance and production, more similar to Champagne. Winemakers point to Trento's unique geography, which benefits from high altitudes (the highest known vineyards in the world, they say) as well as proximity to sun and sea. 

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