Things to do in Bergamo, Italy

May 29, 2022 446

BY: Jessica C

Not far from Milan, Italy is Bergamo – a city just south of the Bergamo Alps. It’s not a place that many people have even heard of, but it’s a gem worth visiting. If you’re like me, big cities aren’t your thing. There is such a thing as too much hustle and bustle! That’s why I love finding out about cities like Bergamo where they are plenty of things to do, learn, and see that will keep you busy for a couple of days. Add in some easy day trips and you’ll want to stay for a full week!

This Bergamo travel guide is filled with good food, stunning historical beauty, a bit of walking, and some shopping. There are two main parts of the city – Città Alta (Upper City) and Città Bassa (Lower City). The Città Alta is surrounded by Venetian defense walls from the 16th century which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stunning to walk along with a view of the Città Bassa. 

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