The new frontier of Industry 4.0 could lead up to a 50% productivity increase and spur growth

Jul 11, 2016 820

by Nicoletta Picchio

Italian companies could increase their productivity by between 30% and 50% by using new technologies.
The new frontier of Industry 4.0, which has already been the focus of other countries, must soon become our target. We are not starting from scratch, but Italy must fill its digital divide and aim at growth, according to an "Industria 4.0" study by Parliament presented yesterday at the Chamber of Deputies with recommendations for future growth.

"Businesses must be the protagonist of the fourth industrial revolution. This is not only a technological issue, but also a cultural one. The survey is important because it puts the industrial issue back on the table," said Vincenzo Boccia, the president of employers' association Confindustria.

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Fonte: Italy24

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