The Mirandola biomedical district hit a 2015 export high, with an extraordinary +29.1%

Apr 26, 2016 828

The boom of exports of the biomedical sector accomplished by the Mirandola district, in the province of Modena (+29.1% in 2015 according to the Monitor Intesa San Paolo), is the proof that currently Made in Italy has no rivals, not even in the hi-tech industry, when it is courageous enough to invest in research, innovation and training, turning territories and supply chains into cross-fertilization systems.

This is the story told by the figures of the Modena-based district – the European cradle of disposable devices for kidney treatments, dialysis and heart surgery; 100 companies, 5,000 employees, almost €1 billion revenues – severely damaged by the earthquake in 2012 and able to reach in three years a level of internationalization never reached before.

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Fonte: Italy24

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