The first restoration school in Southern Italy opens in Matera reinforcing its role as European capital of culture

Dec 13, 2014 778

by Eliana Di Caro

The South's first restoration school is being finalized in Basilicata, in the heart of the historic centre of Matera, the European capital for Culture 2019, the city of Sassi (stone dwellings, ed.). "The classrooms are almost ready, the last furnishings are arriving. The laboratories for restorations and the scientific labs are almost completed," explains Gisella Capponi, Director of the Istituto Superiore for Preservation and Restoration.

"In 2006 the Institute thought about opening a school in the South and had chosen Matera, both for the recognition of the Sassi of Matera as a Unesco World Heritage Site but also for the interest and sensibility demonstrated by the territory's institutions, from the University to the Zetema Foundation.

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Fonte: Italy24


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