Teatro povero di Monticchiello – all the town’s a stage for this tuscan village

Apr 10, 2021 273

BY: Paula Reynolds

From a distance, the 13th century tower seems to ride the hilltop alone. A ruin or perhaps an invitation to more, its mystery is finally revealed when a cypress lined road eases to an end. A striking 13th century portal waits, beckoning one to step inside this picturesque, sleepy Tuscan village. 

Welcome to Monticchiello, province of Siena. If a guidebook brought you here, expectations probably aren’t great. A few sentences might cover its notable traits of “well preserved, charming” with a sweeping view of the spectacular Tuscan valley below. No souvenir shops hock cheap wares, no famous works of art bring the crowds. 

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SOURCE: https://italoamericano.org

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