The “suspended” beauty of Massimo Colonna's art

Jan 16, 2020 561

BY: Barbara Palladino

Massimo Colonna was born in 1986 in Scandiano, in the province of Reggio Emilia. He is 100% Italian, yet creates images that might reflect a faraway universe: one where everything is suspended, still, in a rarefied atmosphere of eternal beauty. Lyrical works, built on the simplicity of lines and composition, but with an aesthetic so impeccable it’s breathtaking, leaving viewers hungry for the secret behind the calm they convey.

With a passion for photography that has grown with him since childhood, Colonna approaches new technologies and 3D renderings as new tools to compose surreal landscapes and fanciful architectures. One of his most famous series, “Apathy”, portrays Italy’s streets, cities and the indifference that imbues ordinary, aseptic scenes. 


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