Sphinx Room at Nero's Domus Aurea re-emerges after 2,000 yrs

May 10, 2019 376

A beautifully decorated room has been discovered at Emperor Nero's famed Domus Aurea (Golden House) in Rome and brought back to light after 2,000 years. The hall is decorated with panthers, centaurs and a delightful sphinx. Experts chanced upon the room while they were doing restoration work on the vault of a neighbouring part of the palace. "It is the fruit of our strategy that focuses on conservation and scientific research," said Alfonsina Russo, the head of the Colosseum archaeological park that the Domus Aurea belongs to.

The discovery was revealed to ANSA first. "It is an exceptional and thrilling find," Russo told reporters. The discovery was made in the last few months of last year, archaeologists and restorers told ANSA. It was made thanks to a platform erected to restore the vault of room 72 od the sprawling and sumptuous complex, one of the 150 rooms hitherto rediscovered in the grand House the controversial emperor built in 64 AD after the great fire that devastated Rome, in which he is generally but erroneously said to have fiddled.

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SOURCE: http://www.ansa.it/

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