Seven ways to fall in love with Shakespeare's fair city of Verona, Italy

Feb 19, 2024 232

One look at Verona's medieval alleyways and magnificent Roman Arena (Arena di Verona) and it's easy to see why Shakespeare chose this picture-perfect northern Italian town as the setting for his seminal tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Hordes of tourists flock daily to the 14th-Century structure known as Juliet's house (Casa di Giulietta), wading through crowds to behold its stone balcony and snap selfies with the courtyard's bronze statue of the doomed heroine.

But Verona's locals can think of far more romantic things to do in the city. We spoke to Giulia Bolla, a Verona-based wedding planner for lovestruck locals and lovebirds from abroad, for her hometown's best romantic experiences. "Shakespeare gave us a nice gift. It's our lifeblood," said Bolla.

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