Rosazza: The Secret Village of Freemasons

Dec 06, 2023 751

BY: Luca Signorini

Rosazza, a small village in Italy’s Piedmont region, is not your average destination: located in the province of Biella, just a stone’s throw from the famous Aosta Valley and elegant Turin, Rosazza is a place where history and mystery meet around every corner.

Named after the 19th-century senator and philanthropist Federico Rosazza Pistolet, a key figure in the Italian unification movement and a member of Freemasonry, the village is certainly worth a visit if you like the occult and esotericism. Indeed, Rosazza’s true claim to fame is its air of mystery, borne of its namesake’s foray into the esoteric: the village, with a mere hundred residents, is a canvas for Masonic symbolism, each building hiding a piece of a somewhat secret story.

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