Rome’s maritozzo, a true declaration of love

Aug 25, 2021 418

BY: Francesca Bezzone

Naples has her sfogliatella, the North plays with the Teutonic idea of krapfen, but Rome… Rome has the maritozzo You look at it and it’s perfect: golden and shiny, sliced in a half, its creamy filling perfectly levelled all at the same height by expert hands. All you want to do is bite into it, really. In its simplicity, it’s perhaps the most decadent sweet concoction one can think of.

How can you miss it, when walking around the Eternal City or stopping somewhere for a caffè? Rome’s maritozzo is ubiquitous and beloved, so much so there’s even poetry written about it: in Romanesco dialect, of course, because that’s what maritozzo is, Roman to the core, honest, delicious and without excuses: te guardo ‘mbambolato e con amore,  says Ignazio Sifone in his Ode al Maritozzo, and how could you not? 

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