Romagna Mia! Great Strides in Romagna Wine

May 05, 2021 285

Romagna Mia! (My Romagna) sang Raoul Casadei way back in 1974. This verse has become a patriotic hymn for every Romagnolo worthy of its name. Romagna is the southern part (if it can be defined as such) of the Emilia Romagna region. It starts from Imola in the hinterland; to Casal Borsetti on the Adriatic; and continues towards Tuscany and Le Marche.

It goes from the plains to the Apennines and from the sea to the mountains. It creates a diversification of climates; pedoclimatic environments; and, above all, people. Romagna is a land composed of different personalities; traditions and influences; fishermen, shepherds, breeders and farmers.

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