The ridiculously stunning Italian town where Star Wars was filmed that's packed full of the best restaurants in the world

Oct 27, 2021 357

BY: Alexandra Bullard

Italy is famous for a wide range of things - great artists, the Roman empire, and this year as the winners of Eurovision and the Euros. However, the country is perhaps famed for boasting one of the most stunning villages in Europe, and it's not hard to see why. Lenno in Lake Como is arguably the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, or a quick weekend trip from the big city. Less than two hours from Milan, Lenno is a watering hole for Italian holiday makers every year. 

The town is split into two main parts; the centre near the church and the small historical section behind the harbour. If you head to the harbour, you'll find private boats that take tourists to the sumptuous Villa del Balbianello. Film veterans will be quick to recognise the villa from Hollywood blockbusters such as 'Casino Royale' (2006), but it is perhaps most famous for being in Star Wars.

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