Rare Wines. Whites that need time. Two wines from Campania and Alto Adige

Nov 22, 2022 185

Lapio meets Castel Tirolo. We offer a journey between two great white wine territories in Italy. On one side we are in one of the best cru of Fiano di Avellino, specifically contrada Arianello where there was once a so-called "neviera" : a well where snow was gathered to store food.

From this area, today comes a spectacular Fiano di Avellino Neviera di Sopra Riserva 2019 from Rocca del Principe. Ercole Zarrella over the years has consistently shown us that he knows how to offer some of the deepest and most articulate whites on the Peninsula, capable of aging with grace and joy.

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SOURCE: https://www.gamberorossointernational.com

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